25 Jul 2013
July 25, 2013


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A few years ago I received a bike as a gift. I used it casually when out biking on the trail. Then one day I injured my knee and I couldn’t run. I looked to my bike for the morning jolt of exercise. I was skeptical that I could get the same kind of cardio workout, the same morning sweat that I was used to. Could I feel the challenge and the mind clearing that I got from running? I had been to a few spinning classes at the gym years ago and I remembered the stand up challenges of hills and the rest periods and I remember that I felt like I had never sweat that much in my life! So I attacked this new morning ritual with the spinning mind set. I rode in intervals. I’d start off slow and hit one road in top gear and on my feet, then sit for 40 pedals, I treated it like a class. I trained my mind and body to do this and after a few weeks it was set. My body became stronger in a new way. One thing with biking that was more difficult was the weather conditions. So I bought a bike trainer and put it in my back room. Now I can bike outside in the great weather and inside on the really windy or rainy days. Time went by and my knee healed and became stronger and I started running again. I’m back to casual bike rides and some longer trail rides and sometimes I ride inside at night when I’m needing a little mind clearing. I will return from time to time to cycling outside and appreciate the gift of changing up the adventure.