10 Feb 2014
February 10, 2014

The Marathon is a Journey

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Posted on February 10, 2014 On Saturday, I had one of the best long runs I’ve ever had. Everything about it was enjoyable. The pace felt comfortable. My heart rate stayed low. The weather was overcast and cool. The company was awesome and helped pass the miles quickly. Every mile felt better than the last. That.. read more →

26 Jan 2014
January 26, 2014

HersLA first event out, Clearwater FL

January 26, 2014 0 Comment

Thank you HersLA team and support-hers for your help last weekend in Clearwater with FL Road Races! It was a cold early morning set up but a beautiful day for a long run. It was a very organized event with beautiful views and music and food. It was great to see all of the starfish.. read more →

23 Jan 2014
January 23, 2014

Debi’s inspiring 2014 challenge! Beyond Predictions…

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On 8/28/12 I was in a near-fatal car accident where I sustained an open book pelvic fracture, crushed knee, fractured knee, fractured sacrum, tailbone, nose, and eye orbit. As a former runner, when I was told I would never run again due to my injuries and the remaining hardware, I was initially devastated, but became.. read more →

20 Jan 2014
January 20, 2014

Sunday Clearwater Marathon Morning

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What a day! Starting with a very cool 5:30 am the morning turned beautiful for the Clearwater runners. It was great to meet and celebrate some great runs and hear some exceptional inspiring stories. Thank you for sharing. Time to load up the calendar with some new events. Running, biking, kayaking… read more →

16 Jan 2014
January 16, 2014

47 Degrees and clear blue sky run

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Wow! The run on this clear cool day was amazing! Enjoy this cool while you can. The day is inspiring. I was thinking that my runs are my meditation… but actually I think its my idea space. I do my best thinking out there, peaceful and grate…ful.  I run around a small lake and through some.. read more →

16 Jan 2014
January 16, 2014

From Florida Gulf Beaches Road Races

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TOP 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD JOIN US – FIFTEENTH Annual Clearwater Running Festival 1) Beautiful, aesthetically-varied courses. 2) Challenging courses going over Clearwater Bridge and Clearwater Pass Bridge. 3) Safe, well-marked courses with traffic control handled by local law enforcement agencies. 4) Ideal weather forecast, with start line temps expected to be in the high 50’s,.. read more →

30 Jul 2013
July 30, 2013

Plants and birds and rocks and things

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“ Plants and birds and rocks and things” …  being outside and running makes me feel part of the beautiful day. I’m feeling grateful to be able to just wake up and run out the door … and even though I was feeling the run on my body this morning I enjoyed moving the pavement under.. read more →

29 Jul 2013
July 29, 2013

Runners Log

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Its Monday and another sweaty run. I guess running in the middle of the summer in Florida is something you get used to. Its hard to imagine that I have long sleeved running tops for the winter. Mondays are runs that avoid garbage trucks and early morning travelers. Getting out on the street for my.. read more →

28 Jul 2013
July 28, 2013

Runners Log

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I was reading today a book called ‘ What I talk about When I talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami. I like to read and have read a couple of books on running but this one is different and let me share this quote. “People sometimes sneer at those who run every day, claiming they’ll.. read more →

22 Jul 2013
July 22, 2013

Runners Log

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Still running in my old running shoes. The summer heat is really on now. I have to be careful of my sunscreen dripping into my eyes. Every morning I slather the sunscreen on my face and neck. My dermatologist is a runner too and she even puts sunscreen on the tops of her feet if.. read more →