19 Jul 2013
July 19, 2013

Runners Log

July 19, 2013 0 Comment

Friday morning run. Feeling good and out the door about 9:00. Ran about 2.5 miles not too hot and a slight breeze. Thinking bout the day. A bit of time traveling for me today. As I was running on my last street I saw a man who runs on the island where I run and.. read more →

18 Jul 2013
July 18, 2013

Get it Done Run

July 18, 2013 0 Comment

After taking a day off, as my knee was complaining yesterday and asking for a break, I got off to a late start. Run time was eleven since I am working at home today. Working at home gives me the freedom to take that run break anytime I want to. I like to get out.. read more →

15 Jul 2013
July 15, 2013

The Ides of July

July 15, 2013 0 Comment

I think somewhere in Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run it suggests … ‘Run like you ran in kindergarten” . This morning I was excited to try my new runners and I headed out the door, yes, in my neon green and my new black lightweight airy Rosheruns. I think it was no longer than.. read more →

14 Jul 2013
July 14, 2013

Runners Log

July 14, 2013 0 Comment

Typing and sweating… Since its Sunday my run is a little later and that means its hotter than usual. Sundays are slower but seem more like playtime. I sometimes run farther on the weekends because of the free time. I run down to the beach and walk a little. More time to think or not.. read more →

13 Jul 2013
July 13, 2013

Runner Log

July 13, 2013 0 Comment

No running this morning. I woke up at a friend’s home today. Its Saturday and I don’t feel guilty for not running this morning. I decided that guilty is not a feeling want to have. I’m tired after a long evening out with friends. Dawn made a beautiful breakfast that included French toast, which I.. read more →

12 Jul 2013
July 12, 2013

Running Log

July 12, 2013 0 Comment

Beat the rains today. Grey clouds and wind. Running against the wind brings an energy challenge but the breeze on these hot summer days is appreciated. I got home feeling good and sweaty as the rain began . I decided to day to keep a running log here. Not really a numbers or time log.. read more →