23 Jan 2014
January 23, 2014

Debi’s inspiring 2014 challenge! Beyond Predictions…

January 23, 2014 0 Comment

On 8/28/12 I was in a near-fatal car accident where I sustained an open book pelvic fracture, crushed knee, fractured knee, fractured sacrum, tailbone, nose, and eye orbit. As a former runner, when I was told I would never run again due to my injuries and the remaining hardware, I was initially devastated, but became determined to prove the doctors wrong.

Debi Lantzer Clearwater Running and Fitness Half Marathon 1/19/2014
Debi Lantzer finishing the Clearwater Running and Fitness Half Marathon 1/19/2014

On 10/27/13, I ran/walked my first half marathon, and by the end of 2013, I finished two others. I am registered to complete at least 14 half marathons in 2014, both local and nationwide, and have started blogging about it! (http://14-in-2014.com).

Hers-Life Adventures met Debi after her completion of the Clearwater Half Marathon last Sunday, 1/19/2014. Thank you Debi for sharing your story! …. See you at the races!

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