16 Jan 2014
January 16, 2014

From Florida Gulf Beaches Road Races

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TOP 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD JOIN US – FIFTEENTH Annual Clearwater Running Festival
1) Beautiful, aesthetically-varied courses.
2) Challenging courses going over Clearwater Bridge and Clearwater Pass Bridge.
3) Safe, well-marked courses with traffic control handled by local law enforcement agencies.
4) Ideal weather forecast, with start line temps expected to be in the high 50’s, with light winds, during the race.
5) Chip scoring on accurately measured courses.
6) Gold starfish medals for all halfathon and marathon finishers and 5-miler age group winners.
7) Post-race celebration with live music, home-made pasta and Michelob Ultra in a beautiful park setting.
8) Fast runners who qualify will be listed in our race records page on our website.
9) If you’ve just run Disney or are in training for Gasparilla, run our 5 miler – the bridges WILL make you stronger.
10) Support local races – if you enjoy the races we stage, it’s important to continue your support of them – a well-attended race will continue to garner the support of city leaders.


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