18 Jul 2013
July 18, 2013

Get it Done Run

July 18, 2013 0 Comment

After taking a day off, as my knee was complaining yesterday and asking for a break, I got off to a late start. Run time was eleven since I am working at home today. Working at home gives me the freedom to take that run break anytime I want to. I like to get out before I eat in the morning but this morning I jumped on my computer and started the day’s input as my mind sometimes runs with ideas while I’m waking up. So I had an egg before the grumble hit and I got back to work until I took a break as my run was calling me. ‘Get it done’. I think that my mind is clearer after my run or bike so while I’m working its almost as if I get a nagging from within. While I ran I had some very clear new ideas and I thought that I should unrealistically stop and write them down but knew that they will come back to me later in a clear moment. That may be a good reason to adventure while networking or with a partner who listens and shares and gets you. You can replay for each other. Just a thought. Got it done. Back to work.