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Adventure? an exciting or very unusual experience. – Sharing

Hers- life adventures website is about women sharing through networking, stories, or participating in adventures together. Men have their life-adventures. Many times that is what draws them together. They network and support and enjoy each other through work and play.

I have two daughters and three granddaughters and I am one of three sisters. I have an amazing mother and a world of amazing friends. Our lives are filled with responsibilities and challenges and I feel we should take time to do what is that we ‘want’ to do or the things we are passionate about. Continue your life adventures. Share and inspire others to adventure and live fully. I watched a movie the other day about being happy. The message I took from it is that we are happy when we can connect with others and share our time and our lives and our stories.

I invite you to share your stories of adventure… and

Now, I will share my mine…..

Growing up I played softball, I hung out with friends and camped, hiked, got lost and loved it. I longed to travel!  In my last years of high school I dreamed of having a travel adventure… to get away, on my own to see where the art that I had studied about came from. I also was one of five siblings and a chance to do something on my own was bursting out of me. So I planned and saved and packed my backpack and was off to Europe at the age of 18 before going to University in the fall. It was an amazing trip and a life changing one for me as the world became a smaller and more familiar place than I had imagined.

I suppose you could say that life itself is an adventure, by one definition, an exciting or very unusual experience. In my life there were times when responsibilities and decisions overrode the experiences that I was planning and took their place only to pave the way for new ones.

I may not be accomplished at most of my adventuring but I’ve  learned to… enjoy scuba diving, running, skiing (especially not well), kayaking, boating, painting, traveling, biking (bicycle), rollerblading, and horseback riding. So far these are on my list of my physical adventures. I think there is a paddleboard waiting for me.

Looking back …. Herstory as a business?

In December of 1997, I went to work marketing and selling a dive/boating software product that was new to these sports.  I took a scuba diving class. One day while practicing for our checkout dive we, myself and four others, were directed to take off our gear and put it back on, while underwater breathing though the regulator, a requirement for the checkout dive. I took off my BC and was pulling it away when I realized my hair was getting caught in the top of my tank. The only think I could think to do, which I should’ve done earlier, was to tie back my hair. I took the neoprene connector off of my snorkel and tied my hair up with it. I finished the exercise after that without a problem. Between that time and my first few dives I started realizing this underwater experience may be different for men than it is for women and that women may have a better experience with some gear and tools that men don’t need or want.  That’s when the idea for Dive-hers was born.  From there the ‘hers’ idea bloomed for other sports and adventures for women.

I wanted to create a network and place for women to share ideas and support, inspire, connect and even plan adventures together. A new adventure began for me. I developed a logo and trademark for ‘dive-hers’ and ‘boat-hers’. I had tee-shirts embroidered with both of the logos which I took with me to show, sell, and give away while I was marketing the software. The shirts were for fun like a celebration! They identified the wearer as someone who enjoys that specific adventure or accomplishment of the adventure.

A couple of years ago I had some serious health events that were ‘small setbacks’ or ‘wide awakenings’, depending how you look at it, and they reminded me to enjoy the adventure!


My Adventures