18 Jul 2013
July 18, 2013

Painting the Star

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Leslie’s Logo

I think of painters as people who paint. There are personal styles and different methods but some of us like or love to paint as an expression or an experience. I studied art as a teen and I grew up with art appreciative parents and friends. My father was in the film industry and studied in Paris. He and my mother encouraged my relationship with art. I studied visual arts, art history, and philosophy in my early University years.

If you read my her-story on the earlier page I refer to health events that effected my life…. And a year earlier I had an event that also changed my life. A close friend of mine lost her life to domestic violence. I think it was a combination of these events that made me feel that I wanted to change my life and take an active part of expressing who I am and how I want to make my life happy and meaningful.

When I was a little girl, I knew that I loved to paint. Weather the result was pleasing to everyone I didn’t care, I didn’t even consider it. I was in the moment and I knew it made me happy. My parents always loved whatever was on my page or canvas. Something happened over the years that made me question the worth or quality of my works in progress or finished products. Other people’s opinions mattered and I remember years ago when my children were younger, they were proud of their mom when she painted as she didn’t do it often and they knew it put her in a happy place. One day a mother of one of their friends came to pick up her daughter and stayed for a while. At some point she looked at the picture and told me that she somehow didn’t approve of it because it had a naked figure in it. I never thought of it being inappropriate or having negative meaning. It really never occurred to me that my figure was nude. It was a figure on a beach, a beautiful day and colors of sand and water and space. I took the painting down and replaced it with another, someone else’s. My kids were disappointed that I did, that and so was I … in myself.


Leslie’s Paintings

I didn’t paint much for years as time was spent busy on many other things, family, work, other projects, friends, other peoples’ projects … But as I mentioned a couple of years ago I had a stroke, a small stroke and I was very lucky and I am grateful that it was caught within minutes and treated. The doctors found a hole in my heart the next day…for which I am also grateful to the doctors. Apparently I had been active all my life with a hole in my heart! The hole was fixed within a few short weeks and I was back on my feet ready to take on the world and return to running and work and all of the everyday things with a little more gratefulness and energy. Within a few months I became sick. It took a while but a spinal tap confirmed I had Meningitis. I could not believe it. I always thought of myself as very healthy and very careful. I was supposed to be the example of health for my kids and my granddaughter. The recovery was tough but I promised myself I would work on being happy and create a world for myself that was meaningful.


Ok, ok…. I’m getting to the painting part. I thought of the things in my life MY LIFE that made me happy and who I am and I would incorporate that into my work or passion. I wanted to be passionate about my work. I liked to draw and paint and had that appreciation, I loved my time with my girlfriends, sisters and my girls, and I love adventures. So with the creation of Hers – Life Adventures, I needed a logo. I have one from years ago that I created and I liked it but I wanted something more. So I started painting ideas. I came up with the running woman, and feeling unfinished… I added the star. My daughter, now a runner herself at 26, said “ mom do you really need the star?” So I explained to her what it meant to me. Some people cant run. Some people don’t have the opportunity to run. Like my friend Carol, although she wasn’t a runner, doesn’t have the choice to be here to have her ‘life adventure‘… so the star to me represents the spirit of the adventure and to go for it and to reach further for those who can’t. Reach for that and embrace your happiness. So the star is incorporated into many of my adventure paintings. I now enjoy painting and hope to bring you more. I wish upon a star that you enjoy them.