14 Jul 2013
July 14, 2013

Runners Log

July 14, 2013 0 Comment

Typing and sweating… Since its Sunday my run is a little later and that means its hotter than usual. Sundays are slower but seem more like playtime. I sometimes run farther on the weekends because of the free time. I run down to the beach and walk a little. More time to think or not think. But today its too hot for me. So I ran down street to look at the progress of construction of a friends home. That’s a neat thing about running outdoors as opposed to a treadmill or a gym, I am traveling.

A neighbor was pulling out of his driveway this morning and rolled down his window and yelled ‘’ Nice color!” I am wearing a new neon green very lightweight tank over my two pink sports bras. My shorts are orange and I wear two knee braces. One knee brace is an elastic white support and the other is a heavier black elastic with stronger lines and a built in knee pad that supports the knee cap. I wear my very worn black Aesics and my Therolo socks. I love the socks. I have them in all different colors and I always wear them to run. I don’t fuss each morning to decide what to wear. I open my drawer and whatever is on top…goes on my run with me. I do have my favorites and as I throw the running clothes into wash daily … what is on top is in my drawer is usually what I wore the day or two before. So my neighbors see me in ‘the same old’ most of the time. I never thought that anyone noticed my running attire but I guess the neon is a hit if I want to be seen! (actually I like it for its light weight and I think I may get another… I’m thinking… yellow?)