12 Jul 2013
July 12, 2013

Running Log

July 12, 2013 0 Comment

Beat the rains today. Grey clouds and wind. Running against the wind brings an energy challenge but the breeze on these hot summer days is appreciated. I got home feeling good and sweaty as the rain began .

I decided to day to keep a running log here. Not really a numbers or time log but a ‘how did it go’ log ‘how did it feel… during, and after’. I thought that maybe I could come up with questions that would prompt and ease my or our storytelling and sharing.

Ran this morning at about 7:45 after a downpour and the sun came out immediately. I was wondering if the run today would feel any different since I had a full therapeutic massage yesterday .This morning’s run went by, as it does sometimes, without a realization that I’m running. My thoughts take over and before I know it I’m home and my work day is in front of me. I have to learn to be more in the moment. It was humid. A few dog walkers were out and we exchanged ‘ good mornings’ but not as many as usual. Maybe the massage allowed me to not have any pains which would distract me from my thoughts. When I run sometimes I think about things in my day or my life and other times I count to myself and my eyes concentrate on what they see. This morning I think I was time traveling.

Yesterday I ran by myself and on the last street almost literally ran into a neighbor from across the canal. She is from Ontario, close to where I grew up so we have that in common. She is probably about twenty something years older than I am but she is smart, engaging, and a really neat person to talk to. So I stopped and walked the street and talked with Dee while she walked her little maltesish dog. We walked and talked until she was home and then I took off again feeling much lighter and happy about the morning exchange. A very nice way to start the day.